Get Dressed
This is a book I have written for my eldest son. He has autism and finds it hard to understand the need to get dressed in the morning. He is quite happy in his pajamas, so sees no reason to bother about clothes when getting dressed takes up valuable playing time. Social Stories are a way of putting across how to do things step by step for people with autism and I have used these as inspiration for Get Dressed. It puts across the idea of how much more fun the day can be when you are dressed and ready to get out into the wide-world. Encouragement has always got to work better than nagging!

Kiwi Publications has entered the world of Pinterest. I've just uploaded a new theme to the site and it had a Pinterest link option already included if you had a board to pin it to, so I thought I had better get into the new world of the PIN.

You can see the page Here. Happy Pinning.